Nolan J Fisher
Facebook Fan Pages

Do you have a Fan Page????

If not your missing out!

A Facebook Fan Page is pretty much like a Blog on Steriods & Growth Hormone! Fan Pages are a massive asset for your business.

If you want to attract a crowd and get them to grow you need to have great content, entertainment or something that is so so good it will keep your fans returning for more!!!!

Stay tuned as we will outline the top 10 tips to grow your brand & business with Facebook Fan Pages.

Seeing Peter powers tonight the hypnotist! From what I’ve seen him do on the goofy show and his own tv dhow, I’m not falling into his spell..

My first mass media post! This shit is crazy! I have just done a rapid social media course! Look out world.

One hell of an morning smashing this social media madness! Web 2.0 is the new platform to build a global brand, business and live your passion! Enjoy!

The PT secrets revealed interview process has begun, and am finalising the first batch of PT pros that will reveal all very soon!

Raising the PT business standards

After a info night for the AIPT, I can see how much is needed to raise the bar of business for the fitness industry especially personal trainers! To stay ahead of the game, we need to become awesome marketers and self brand gurus! The best and easiest form of doing this is with social media!

Need to Know Social Media stats - Part 1 Facebook

Hey there, hope your doing awesome!


I thought you would like to know the stats on Facebook so far, and why you need to use it to grow your brand and business!

  • 80% of businesses today are using social media to market their businesses
  • Recently Google publicly declared that Facebook is the only competitor they fear
  • On the 13th March 2010 Facebook overtook Google and become the most traffic consuming website in the USA. Traffic = KING
  • Facebook has over 400 million users and they average 55 minutes per day on Facebook
  • 54% of the US use Facebook
  • Facebook has the biggest source of traffic on the internet
  • There are 3 million active Fan Pages on Facebook
  • There are 1.5 million local businesses active Fan Pages
  • 20 million users become Fans of pages everday
  • Fan Pages equat to 5.3 billion fans

If your not using Facebook and Fan Pages to boost your business and brand your going to be left behind!

Stay tunned for ‘Twitter’ next post.

The top 5 places to get traffic from the internet for PT’s

The top 5 places to get traffic from the internet…… - Google Local -Google PPC - Google Organic - Facebook - Google Classifies AND an extra one -You Tube clips ranked high on Google

Wait, i just have stumbled on more sites to get great traffic…. more info coming….stay tuned!